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Find AGV suitable for your production needs

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Find AGV suitable for your production needs

Intelligent factory

In the manufacturing industry of a large semiconductor equipment enterprise, material handling on the production line is the main task of AGV. The handling route can be adjusted automatically and timely according to the change of production process, so that the manufacturing on the production line is more convenient and fast. And efficient and flexible material handling greatly strengthens the flexibility and efficiency maximization of the whole production process.

Logistics warehousing

In order to realize intelligent handling and storage of all kinds of material box objects in a large express delivery enterprise, our company independently develops WCS intelligent warehousing control system and WMS intelligent warehousing management system, and seamlessly docks with MES system, combines with a series of high-end intelligent equipment such as driverless car, four-way shuttle car, high-speed stacker, and existing mature product series such as AGV, intelligent sorting line, roll-off. Cylinder wire, belt line, high-speed hoist, light stacker and so on jointly realize intelligent handling and storage of bin-type objects, providing customers with one-stop solution; in addition to the development of high-end hardware equipment, it perfectly solves the information exchange and intelligent control among various devices, realizes material turnover and storage according to production instructions, greatly saves storage space and operating costs. Continue to create value for customers.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

In a famous aircraft manufacturer, intelligent warehousing system is an important part of the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0. It can realize digital management, real-time inquiry and monitoring of warehouse daily management business, such as warehouse access and material inventory, and reduce the dependence on operator's experience. It has been transformed into standardizing operation process with information system to provide operation finger with information system. To save land, reduce labor intensity, avoid damage or loss of goods, eliminate errors, provide the level of warehousing automation and management, improve the flexibility of warehouse operations, reduce storage and transportation losses, effectively reduce the backlog of liquidity funds, provide logistics efficiency, improve the efficiency of warehouse location utilization and many other advantages.

Port terminal

In a large crane manufacturer, the use of Siemens Elfa power assembly system can help to achieve reliable operation of AGV, and meet the requirements of precision positioning and control, perfect running-in with automation hardware, and complete more loading in busy ports. The dual motor redundancy structure is adopted to provide strong driving force and adapt to various environments. When a single motor fails, the normal operation of the vehicle is guaranteed. Hybrid power is adopted in the automatic port, which can save energy and reduce consumption. Besides regular maintenance and repair, the vehicle can basically work uninterruptedly.

Intelligent parking

A large shopping mall is located in a busy area of a city. It uses scientific and technological means to solve the "big problem" of parking and ensure the dynamic and static balance of traffic. Through the overall renovation plan of the intelligent garage, a variety of different parking modes are mixed to make full use of the parking space on both sides of the lane, intensive use of space resources and increase parking space. The garage not only has AGV robot garage, but also has other types of three-dimensional garage equipment. Vehicles enter the parking lot. Through the intelligent parking management system, the length and width of the vehicle are detected, the type of vehicle is identified, the system guides the vehicle to the designated position. After the driver leaves, the garage closes and monitors, and automatically runs after no one leaves.

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Find AGV suitable for your production needs

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Find AGV suitable for your production needs


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